The Voice of
An Angel

Angels take on countless forms,
They can be many things;
They come to speak within our heart,
And yet not all have wings.

Many souls have seen an angel,
But have never really known;
The message that was given them
Or the truth that they were shown.

Godís messengers are here on earth,
To guide each choice we make;
To lead us down a path of love,
To point which path to take.

They talk to us in endless ways,
In still and quiet voice;
Speaking the truth within our heart,
Yet still giving us the choice.

Angels arenít always invisible,
This precious thought is pure:
You must believe within your heart;
Thereís angel inside of you.

Do not feel unworthy of the
chance to share your heart;
Donít be afraid to use the gifts
God gave you from the start.

Listen to the quiet voice within,
Let your soul shine bright;
Knowing what it is you can do
to keep others in the Light.

Praise the One who made you,
For He gave you the special gift;
By sharing the love within your heart,
There is no spirit you canít lift.

by Teryl Seaman

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